08.26ers…the things they say

I don’t know about you, but in our house 08.26 has to be one of the most knife-edge times of the term-time day.

When the boys were tiny, and I had three under five, it was inevitably the moment my youngest chose to – urgently and obviously – need a nappy change. When the boys were slightly bigger, it turned into the time when the older two, scrabbling to be first out of the back door and thus get their feet on a football, would trample the smallest underfoot leading to screams, chaos and carnage. And now, as my biggest boy stands on the precipice of teenage ‘sleep-in-dom’, it is the time he eventually decides to mosey downstairs and dozily try to find his shoes. And believe me doing up the laces takes some substantial time.

Yes, 08.26 is stressful enough, even on a good day. On a bad day it can be akin to starting the morning without my decadent ‘Today programme’ in-bed coffee. So what makes a morning really bad? Here are the top 5 ‘08.26ers’ which can irrevocably cast my morning mood asunder:

1. “I have swimming today mummy. I need trunks, towel, goggles and hat.”
2. “I have swimming today mummy. I need trunks, towel, goggles and hat. Named.”
3. “But I told you three months ago I needed a packed lunch today!”
4. “We have an INSET day today mum. Didn’t you know?”*
5. “I- haven’t-practised-my-spellings/learnt-my-times-tables/made-a-magnificent-collage-out-of-spare-bits-of-material and ALL my friends have and I will be the ONLY one who hasn’t done it and ‘Miss’ is gonna put me in detention FOR like EVER” (accompanied by wails – theirs and mine)

*Although this could obviously be met with relief/horror/excitement, mood and plan-dependant

These are just a few of my favourite ‘08.26ers’. What are the magic words that plunge you into school run despair?


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8 thoughts on “08.26ers…the things they say

  1. Karen G on said:

    Last Thursday after very rare late night celebration with bottle of Prosecco (us, not our child)! AT 8.05 and a good 25 minutes from school, not even any shoes on yet – ‘Mum I need a packed lunch for the trip AND we have to be in at 8.15 for the coach’!! Followed by much shouting and frantic phone calls………

  2. Helen Metcalfe on said:

    2 days a week I don’t spend 8.26 with my children. Instead, on those days, we have 7.48’s. Usually it involves signing diaries and unearthing ‘crunch and sip’ pots – the pot of supposedly cut-up into small pieces fruit, on those days, becomes ‘an apple’ (core peel and all). 3 days a week 8.26 is when we get out of the car in the school car park, or park our bikes. By that stage whatever situation arises is irredeemable. The forgotten water bottle on the bench stays there all day, the guitar propped up IN THE DOORWAY AND STILL FORGOTTEN stays there all day, and the choir folder, inexplicably left in the bathroom or on the washer, stays there all day. Thankfully, on the weekend (now that netball has finished) I don’t usually see 8.26 AT ALL, everyone is still in bed…

  3. PennyB on said:

    Yep, remember it well. 8.25 “Why is the dog running down the road?” followed at 8.26 (as I run to rugby tackle escaped hound) by “Oh and it’s Reading Week and I have to go as a character from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (?)/Harry Potter”.

  4. I have to admit I don’t really know about these kind of days although they will be here faster that I want. For us 7.50 used to be the time when my daughter was windy for some kind of reason.
    Sometimes I wonder how we survive? But we are women so we have too 🙂

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