An exciting win – Writers Bureau ‘Writer of the Year 2013’

It’s been a fantastically exciting month or so for the MOB. Not only have we had a smattering of snow (more exciting for the boys than me I’ll admit!), ‘MOB Rule’ published and the ensuing press coverage, but I was also delighted to win the Writers Bureau ‘Writer of the Year 2013’ competition.

The Writers Bureau provided me with the course which kick-started the book so I was particularly pleased to win, especially as there are some truly inspiring stories on their website from many great, and dedicated, writers. To read more…


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2 thoughts on “An exciting win – Writers Bureau ‘Writer of the Year 2013’

  1. Helen Metcalfe on said:

    In a moment of complete insanity last November I enrolled in the writers Bureau course too. So now I am working on, in no particular order, a Masters Degree in Music Technology, the Writers Bureau course, several arrangements of choral pieces for children and adults for publication, a textbook for the teaching of Music Technology to secondary school children as an, running a community choir and, er, teaching in the classroom 3 days a week. I think I’ll do well just to get to the end of 2013, let alone win awards like you!

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