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10 superfluous facts, in no particular order, that you don’t need (but may just want) to know about Hannah Evans

1.    I live in a world full of big and small boys. As lone Queen in a Kingdom of Kings, this makes me outnumbered, exhausted… but very happy.

2.    I spend my time writing, running a business and running around. But if you can’t find me, check the loos. I’m often in there brandishing detergent and a brush.

3.    We recently moved back to my childhood home in coastal North Devon. Mainly for the Hockings’ ice cream but the rest isn’t bad.

4.    At 40-something I am, apparently, entering middle age. I am absolutely categorically totally fine about this. I think.

5.    A couple of years ago I bought a full-length wetsuit. It ain’t pretty but it beats hypothermia.

6.    After one glass of wine I begin to burble. After two I make even less sense than usual. After three I am told I become really quite funny.

7.    My favourite smell is that intoxicating aroma of a freshest born baby. Maybe I should try to bottle it and make my millions.

8.    I still find saying goodbye to my boys at school as hard as I did way back when. And no, it doesn’t seem to get any easier.

9.    I don’t appear to be able to stand up on a surf board. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I am (according to my sons) ‘like embarrassingly rubbish’.

10.    Despite efforts to the contrary, I don’t find farting funny. Or burping, or frankly any other anatomy- related events. Sorry lads, but that’s just the way it is.

6 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Scotty Johnson on said:

    Hannah – re point 10.
    Farting is and always will be a thing of wonder to us boys. On my lengthier expeditions, us boys have had ‘tone change’ competitions in our sleeping bags. Surely you can’t stifle that rare opportunity of combining competition, creativity and music? 😉

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Great to discover your blog after reading The Times article. Commenting here, as twitter postings are too short! Isabel Thomas (@raisingchimps) and I had been chatting via Twitter and her site both before after she wrote a blog post following up on your articles. It’s great to read in words what many of us MoBs feel…I hope your book does well.
    I always wanted to start up a ‘3 boys club’ for mums like us (I know a surprising amount) but thought people might think it a little odd….
    Anyway if you feel in need of light relief and some virtual window shopping then do come by and visit my interiors blog which is boy-free and full of ‘lovely things’ to look at… although, saying that, I am planning a post on decorating boys’ rooms soon as I have 3 to do! Jx

    • It’s great to hear the book strikes a chord… the FOB calls it my therapy and he’s probably right! There seem to be MOBs clubs in the US but not in the UK – an interesting idea. I have lots of plans for MOB events in the future so will keep you informed if you’re interested! And I will be visiting your interiors blog – in the middle of a large renovation project so could be just what I’m looking for. Hannah

  3. Hi Hannah,

    I’m emailing from The Baba Blog http://www.thebabablog.com. We absolutely LOVE your ‘Mad About The Boys’ article in Junior, and we were wondering if we could post this on our blog, and link back to you?

    We’d love to chat to you about any other fun blog posts you have that you might like to share with our readers. Check out our guest blogging section: http://www.thebabablog.com/bloggers.

    Do let us know if you’d be interested in sending us some guest blog posts!

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Kind regards,


  4. Dave Scott on said:

    Hi Hannah.
    If the Dalai Lama can joke about farting I am sure it should be acceptable to us all.

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