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Welcome to the MOB’s blog!

Hands up. I am not the most techno-literate person in the world. Or even, I’ll admit, in my family. If I want to work the DVD player I ask one of my boys, who are substantially more ‘with it’ than my ‘what’s-wrong-with-putting-pen-to-paper’ self.

Thus, starting a blog is slightly scary. Akin, for me, to playing beach volleyball in a bikini on Horseguard’s Parade or indeed picking up a chicken. But that’s another post, for another day.

After weeks of re-thinking, re-designing and frankly procrastination, my MOB Rule blog is good to go.

My biggest boy husband (the Father of Boys) calls MOB Rule and my writing in general, my ‘therapy’. I hesitate to say so, but he’s probably right. So if you, like me, are in need of female therapy, if you’ve ever tripped over Lego as you stumble down the stairs or gone to sit down on the loo and found the seat still up, welcome! Come follow my blog and join… the MOB.

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